Dog ear cleaning

When it comes to dog ear cleaning, there are a few things to be mindful of. Firstly, if the procedure is carried out incorrectly, it can seriously harm the dog's ears. Secondly, your dog does not want you to clean its' ears, so you will need to do some persuading. Thirdly, dogs have sensitive ears, so you have to check them frequently to stop infections from developing. Here's how to clean the ears of your dog to keep them healthy.

Extra information about dog ear cleaning

The Equipment you Need

-A pair of hemostats
-Cotton balls
-Ear cleaner

The Best ear Cleaner to use

Ear cleaners come in several varieties, however the key thing is to use one that is high quality. Do not put shampoo, vinegar, olive oil or other solutions in your dog's ear. Moreover, refrain from probing around inside the ear with cotton buds, because this will push any debris or wax in further and possibly harm the ear drum.

Keep Everything to Hand

While attempting to perform dog ear cleaning, you do not want to find out midway that you misplaced something and need to go off and locate it. If you do this, you will probably have to maneuver your pet back into place and begin the entire process from scratch again.

Dog ear Cleaning Techniques

Begin the cleaning process by rubbing your dog's belly and offering some calming words. Your dog will become relaxed when you do this, and will not regard ear cleaning as such a bad thing. Put a modest quantity of the cleaner inside the animal's ears, then rub its' ears at the base. Now, your pet will wish to shake its' head. Allow it to do this thoroughly, because it will break loose any matter that is trapped within the ear. Load the hemostat with a cotton ball and use it carefully to wipe the ear on the inside. Repeat this as frequently as necessary, starting from the inside and working your way out using a new cotton ball, until wax stops appearing on the ball. Complete the cleaning session by giving your dog a treat and some additional positive words to calm its' nerves.

Warning Signs

If your dog appears to be in pain, or its' ears are smelly or red, visit a vet immediately. In all likelihood the animal has an infection in its' ear, so cleaning it might be too harmful and painful to carry out.

While it is important to care for your dog's ears, you should avoid cleaning them too regularly. Too much cleaning can disrupt the ears' natural balance, which causes infection. One cleaning session per week at home ought to be enough to sustain healthy and clean ears.

Final Thoughts

Eventually, the majority of dogs will enjoy having their ears cleaned, providing you do not cause them any discomfort. Of course, this is an area of their bodies that they can't scratch, so they will appreciate you doing it on their behalf. With plenty of positivity and treats, dog ear cleaning will be part of your normal hygiene regimen.